DeWalt DW788 20-Inch Scroll Saw Review

Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

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Searching for a scroll saw that is durable in its build, accurate in its cutting, and easy to use is not an easy task. This DeWalt DW788 20-inch Scroll Saw review will outline the pros and cons of this scroll saw, and subsequently we find ourselves having to sacrifice something we would have liked in a scroll saw for something else. But there is one scroll saw that manages to merge all three of these qualities together while bringing many other neat features to the table as well. Find out more in this DeWalt DW788 20-inch Scroll Saw review.

The DW788 is most notable for being one of the top selling scroll saws in the United States and one of our favorites, it is on our best scroll saw buyers guide. One reason for its immense popularity is the fact that it has strong appeal both to both professional wood workers and to beginners to the craft. This, along with a host of other innovative features that we will get to shortly, is what should make the DW788 your first choice for a scroll saw if you are on the market for one:

  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • AMP Motor: 1.3

DeWalt DW788 20-Inch Scroll Saw WorkingDeWalt is a worldwide manufacturer of both hand and power tools for the purposes of carpentry, construction, and manufacturing. It is also owned by the larger company Stanley Black & Decker, a Fortune 500 Manufacturer of hardware with headquarters in Connecticut. Originally, Stanley and Black & Decker were two separate companies, but they merged together in the spring of 2010. Black & Decker itself has been producing tools and hardware for decades. It bought DeWalt in 1960 and began to introduce saws and other power tools into its line-up.  

Today, DeWalt is among the most recognizable tool and hardware companies in the world. Its trademark black and yellow colors alone are very identifiable and brought much revenue to Stanley Black & Decker.  

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Product Features

When it comes to basic usage, the DW788 is the perfect scroll saw for beginners and experienced professionals alike.  
Parallel Link System
: Something that has made the DW788 so appealing to a wide range of people is because of how smooth its operation is. Everything from the tension of the blade to the manipulation of the arm has very little resistance at all. The reason this is so is because of DeWalt’s parallel link system. In this design, both the lower and upper arms are seesawing but also very short. Both arms are connected to a beam at the back of the saw via a long link. These factors, when combined, mean that vibration is diminished significantly.  

Quality of the Cut: There is no denying that the smoothness of the DW788’s operation DeWalt DW788 20-Inch Scroll Saw Top Viewis what allows it to distribute so precise of a cut. In fact, criticisms from customers in regards to the cut of the DW788 are almost non-existent. The DW788 gives you a very spacious and still work area, and this combined with purchasing top of the line blades is what will give you the cleanest and most precise cut you could want.  

Ease of Blade Changing: An important feature to have in any scroll saw is the ease of blade changing. The blades on scroll saws can be damaged and in need of replacement, or you may need to swap out the blades depending on the project. Fortunately, the blades on the DeWalt are incredibly simple and straightforward to swap out. All you need to do is to loosen a knob to lift the upper arm and then insert your blade into your first hole.

Locate the wing nut and tighten it and the tension lever, and the blade will then clamp. Blades of all sizes will work in the DeWalt and they are all just as easy to swap out as well. Remember that the arm of the DW788 isn’t spring loaded.  As a result, you will need something to hold the arm up while swapping out the blades. A hinge or a block would work great for this purpose.  

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Heavy Duty: Different scroll saws are made for different purposes, as some are designed for lighter work with smaller or thinner pieces of wood, but there’s no doubt that the DW788 is a heavy duty scroll saw. This means that it is meant to be used on a frequent basis and with larger wood pieces. Not only can the DW788 handle heavier and thicker pieces of wood, but it can make very precise and sharp cuts in those pieces of wood as well. If you want to make a jigsaw puzzle out of a large piece of wood, for example, it’s nothing the DW788 can’t do.  

Clean Workspace: A major problem that woodworking with power tools presents is the dust. Not only does dust create a messy work environment, but it’s a health hazard as well. The dust from fine wood can penetrate into your body and the lungs, especially when it is mixed in with moisture. That’s why a system to keep your workspace dust free is important in any scroll saw, and the DW788 has a blower attachment with a fully adjustable hose that keeps all dust away in a two inch radius around the blade.  

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Evaluation

DeWalt DW788 20-Inch Scroll Saw Close UpThe DeWalt DW788 is a very reliable scroll saw that allows you to create very detailed pieces of wood with straightforwardness. DeWalt produced this scroll saw with user friendliness in mind and as a result the controls are all right where you need them to be, and the pure design of the saw is very resilient to vibration as well.  

The DeWalt sells on the market for typically between four hundred to five hundred dollars. That may sound like a large price tag for some of you, but then again this is a very high quality scroll saw where a lot of thought was put into the design like we’ve just explained. Furthermore, the DeWalt will be ready to run right out of the box. It sells with two different blades, a cast table, and the ability to be mounted onto almost any work bench. Many other scroll saws on the market require to buy additional accessories before you can really use them, but this issue does not exist with the DeWalt DW788.  

The biggest downside to the DeWalt DW788 is also its biggest upside: the weight. The weight of the DeWalt greatly aids in keeping vibration down. Vibration produced from a power tool is not only distracting when working with wood, but it can throw you off and cause you to make errors in your work as well. Unfortunately, however, the trade off is obviously that the weight of the saw makes it very difficult to transport from place and means it’s mostly going to be staying in your workshop rather than traveling with you in your truck.  

Thanks for reading our DeWalt DW788 20-inch Scroll Saw Review, it is currently one of the top selling scroll saws and it’s easy to see why. It’s heavy duty, able to make precise cuts in large piece of woods, is resilient to vibration, will keep your workspace pristine, and the blades are extraordinary simple to swap out.  As we have stated, professionals and beginners to woodworking should be very pleased with what DeWalt has built. The DW788 is sure to give you many, many years of pleasure in woodworking. Regardless of whether you plan on using it as part of a business or for a hobby, the DW788 comes as our top recommended scroll saw. 

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