What is the Best Sawzall Blade?

Best Sawzall Blades

Reciprocating saws, or sawzalls, are some of the most handy and versatile electrical tools that you can ever own. However, a sawzall is only as good as its blade. A sawzall might be capable of cutting through metal, but not with a blade meant to cut through wood. If you plan on using your reciprocating saw for multiple purposes, you will need multiple blades in your possession to fulfill each of these purposes. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best sawzall blade on the market to help you choose the right fit for your project. If you are looking for saw check out our reciprocating saw buyers guide. For a sawzall tutorial, visit our Sawzall 101 guide.

We will cover the basic qualities that a sawzall blade should have and then discuss some specific sawzall blade models on the market that we recommend based on your project need.

Sawzall Blade Qualities


Sawzall blades come in a variety of different sizes. They differ in the thickness, width, and length. Some blades are as short as three inches long and others are as long as 12 inches.

The first thing to look for in the best sawzall blade is the right length. The longer the blade, the deeper your cut will be. If your blade is too long for the task at hand, it will be harder for you to properly control the reciprocating saw and the cut will not be as neat.


The next thing to look for in your sawzall blade is what its make up. Carbon steel is the most popular type of blade when it comes to materials. The carbon steel is so popular is because it is not expensive and is flexible. This increased flexibility makes this type of blade suitable material for the strong majority of tasks that you will have.

DEWALT DW4892If you need a blade for heavy duty use, you should look for a bi-metal blade. They are extremely strong and will also last much longer than carbon steel blades will. That’s not to say that carbon steel blades won’t last long, but they are not as suitable for heavy duty use.

If you need a blade that will cut through glass or concrete, then you should look for diamond blades, which actually have diamonds on the end of the tips to make it easier to cut through these materials.


Next, look at the actual number of teeth that are located on the blade. The more teeth there are, the smoother and slower the cut will be. This is why saws that are designed for tree cutting will have fewer teeth but cut faster.

But it’s not just the number of teeth present on your reciprocating saw that matters. What also matters is the kind of teeth. There are many different kinds of reciprocating saw blade teeth including flat top teeth, top bevel, hook angles, and more.   

Flat top teeth are designed to cut through wood very quickly, while top bevel teeth are designed to create a smoother and slower cut. Hook angled teeth can differ significantly from one another, with either positive or negative degrees based on where the tip of the tooth is in relation to the flat part of the blade. If the hook angle is positive, then the blade will be more aggressive. If the hook angle is negative, the blade will be better suited for cross-cutting purposes.

Now that we have learned about the qualities that you need to look for in your sawzall blades, the next thing that we are going to do is dive into the best sawzall blades for projects: 

Best Sawzall Blades

Best Sawzall Blade for Wood Cutting:

Hitachi 725302

Hitachi 725302The best reciprocating saw blade for cutting wood, especially if it’s hardwood, needs to come equipped with strong and durable teeth. This is important so that the blade can last a long time when sawing aggressively through the wood. To be more specific, look for a blade with an angle of at least six degrees, so the friction between the blade and the wood is minimized.

One sawzall blade that meets this criteria is none other than the Hitachi 725302 blade. This blades is constructed out of high carbon steel and measures a foot long with a depth of 3/4 of an inch. There are exactly six teeth for every inch on this saw blade,for a grand total of 72 teeth on the saw. This means the Hitachi reciprocating saw blade is perfect for making fast and aggressive cuts through softer materials such as wood.

The actual brand name of Hitachi is one of the most well known and respected in the power tool world with the unique ability to mix high quality with unique innovation to produce tools such as the 725302 reciprocating saw blade.

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Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Metal:

Lenox 20564-614R

Lenox 20564-614RWhen looking for a sawzall blade that you can use to cut metal, the most important factor to take into consideration is the type of material used to make the blade. This is important because if your blade material is weaker than the metal that you are trying to cut through, the saw blade will break.

There also must be enough teeth on the blade to saw through the metal. At the very minimum, a sawzall blade for cutting metal needs to have a minimum of 18 teeth for every inch. This way the smoothest cut will be made through the metal without damaging the blade of the sawzall.

One of the best reciprocating saw blades for cutting metal is the Lenox 20564-614R blade. It has a strong bi-metal construction that is strong enough to handle cutting through various types of metal. The teeth are also precision milled and shock resistant, which means it is able to sustain high levels of wear and tear. Lenox has also installed this saw blade with their T2 technology that is designed to optimize the geometry of the individual teeth and keep dulling to a minimal.

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Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Concrete:

Bosch RCB8DG

Bosch RCB8DGYou’ll recall from earlier that we mentioned a diamond reciprocating saw blade would be the best choice for cutting through glass and concrete. As an abrasive blade, diamond saw blades are covered with a coarse material that permits them to effortlessly cut through things such as tile and concrete. You will also notice a higher number of teeth on these blades as well so they cut through the concrete smoothly.

The eight inch long Bosch RCB8DG sawzall blade is perfect for these kinds of applications. Bosch is already one of the largest power tool companies in the world and provides a large number of different high quality products. The RCB8DG blade in particular is designed to cut specifically through concrete and can do so at a rate three time faster than other blades can.

In addition to being able to cut through concrete, the RCB8DG can also cut through cinder blocks, pipes, and any other hard materials that are also abrasive.

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Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Stainless Steel:

Dewalt DW4892

Dewalt DW4892The best reciprocating saw blades for cutting through stainless steel will not exactly be the same kind of blade that you would use for cutting through other types of metal. For cutting through stainless steel, you will need a bi-metal crosscutting blade with multiple durable teeth and a very small amount of space in between each teeth. This will allow you to better cut through the hard stainless steel more easily. Our top recommendation for a stainless steel cutting sawzall blade is the Dewalt DW4892.

The Dewalt ships with a case that is designed to hold nine inch blades, a nice luxury that many other blades don’t ship with. The real reason for this is because the actual Dewalt DW4892 ships in a set of blades in many different sizes, which is another nice feature. You’ll get a nine demolition blade, three six-inch woodcutting blades, two six-inch metal cutting blades, three eight-inch metal cutting blades, and three nine-inch woodcutting blades. All of these blades will fit nicely into the case for ease of transport and organization.

The demolition blade and the metal cutting blades will work the best for cutting through stainless steel because both are constructed out of a bi-metal material and are both crosscutting blades as well.

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Best Sawzall Blades for Cutting Fiberglass: 

Lenox 20576

Lenox 20576When sawing through fiberglass, you want your fiberglass cutting sawzall blade to deliver you the most precise and smooth cut possible. Fiberglass is not exactly a soft material, so you will need a saw blade that is strong enough to be able to cut through these kinds of materials.

Lenox provides a special kind of blade that is designed to do exactly that. Lenox equips their 20576 blade with a unique master grit, tungsten carbine technology that will withstand the hard surfaces and resist normal wear and tear. It’s also a strong enough material to not only cut through fiberglass, but also through other things such as plywood and granite. Whereas other blades would quickly become dull when pressed against these kinds of materials, this blade will be able to cut through them smoothly and without chipping or snagging. It sells in a pack of two so you’ll have a backup blade in the event that something happens to your other one.

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Best Sawzall Blades Conclusion

There is no singular best sawzall blade. Reciprocating saws are built and designed for a multitude of different purposes when it comes to building, remodeling, and demolishing. Each type of blade fulfills a different purpose. Rather than try and search for a ‘one size fits all’ blade, look for a specific blade for a specific purpose. Your goal should be to have many different blades in your arsenal.

We have provided you with the information you need to find the best sawzall blade for you including the qualities to look for in each blade. We hope that you have a clear idea on the blade that you need to complete your project. Sawzall blades have many characteristics. They don’t all come in the same size, with the same number of teeth, or the same kind of build material. The good news is that you have options.

We highly recommend that you choose the highest quality reciprocating saw blade possible. Cheap blades will not deliver the smooth, precise cut needed and they will not hold up to the wear and tear. If properly used and maintained, a high quality blade will deliver you extremely even and neat cuts for many years to come. 

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