What Is The Best Metal Chop Saw Of 2017?

Best Metal Chop Saw

What is a Metal Chop Saw?

Answering the questions, what is a metal chop saw is vital for picking out the best metal chop saw. After all how you can determine what the best one is, if you don’t have any idea of what it is. Metal chop saws are not miter saws; even though they may look similar they are quite different. With that being said chop saws are never referred to as miter saws, but they can be referred to as a metal cut-off saw or an abrasive chop saw.

No matter what you might have been told, miter saws are not the best saw for cutting metal, even if you switch out the blades. Miter saws, unlike chop saws, were designed for cutting wood and other soft materials. A metal chop saw was designed specifically for cutting through metal, but can be used on other hard materials. Metal chop saws are the best saw to cut metal with because of the way the blade is designed. Rather than cutting through the material with teeth, a metal blade grinds through the material. Being that you are cutting through metal and other hard materials it is advisable that you purchase a good face shield to protect yourself from sparks and debris that the saw might throw while you are cutting.

Now that you know what a metal chop saw is, you need to know what to look for so you can purchase the best cut-off saw for your needs. One of the most important things to look into when buying a chop saw is that the table has a vice lock. The vice lock is used to hold the material in place while you are cutting. The best metal cutting saw is also going to have the ability to cut at different angles, the more angles you can cut on the better. Something else that all good metal chop saws have is a well designed deflector, which is necessary to help control the sparks put off when grinding through the metal.

Best Metal Chop Saws of 2017

Best Metal Chop Saw (Compact)

Neiko High-Speed 7” Abrasive-Wheel Cut-Off Saw

Neiko High-Speed 7 In
If you are looking for a the best metal cut off saw that is also compact, the Neiko High-Speed 7” Abrasive-Wheel Cut-Off Saw is the ideal choice. With a ¾ horsepower motor the 7 inch blade that comes included with the saw can easily cut through a variety of metal. The 5 amp motor is a 115/120 volt that can reach up to 8300 RPM. The Neiko High-Speed is the best abrasive chop saw thanks to its quality construction and its bevel cutting facility. The table comes complete with a vice to hold the metal in place, but features a quick release so you can easily change position. The saw also features a spindle lock and a lock-off trigger button.

  •        Amps/Horsepower: 5 amps
  •        Blade Size: 7 inches
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Best Metal Chop Saw (Budget):

Black & Decker BDEBCS14 Chop Saw, 14 Inch

Black & Decker BDEBCS14 Chop Saw, 14-InchThe Black & Decker BDEBCS14 Chop Saw is the best metal cutting saw for any kind of budget. The saw itself features a 14 inch blade that when paired with the powerful 15 amp motor can grind through the thickest gauged metal. One thing that Black & Decker really focuses on with its line of power tools is safety and the BDEBCS14 Chop Saw is no different. The saw features a spark deflector that keeps sparks at bay, as well as a retracting guard that gives users added safety while cutting. The BDEVCS14 features a resistant steel base that comes complete with a material vise that users can use to hold materials steady while cutting. And when transporting, be sure to take advantage of the locking pin.

  •        Amps/Horsepower: 15 amps
  •        Blade Size: 14 inches
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Best Metal Chop Saw (Runner-Up):

Makita 2414NB 14-+Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw

Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off SawThe Makita 2414NB is the best chop saw for metal for a variety of reasons. One of the best features with this saw is the fact that it is portable, but it offers so much more than that/ The Makita 2414NB comes with a 14 inch blade and a 15 amp motor making it powerful enough to cut through the thickest gauged metal. The fence also adjusts both ways to 45 degrees, plus it has 3 locations so you can use different size metals. The saw has an adjustable depth stop, so you can cut to the same depth each time. The Makita features a quick release vice that holds material in place and quickly releases it for fast cut-offs. The spark diversion guard helps keep sparks away from you while cutting, plus the D-shaped handle offers users easy gripping. In addition to the lock-off button, the 2414NB features a shaft lock that allows for easy wheel changes, plus the socket wrench is conveniently stored on the base of the saw for quick and easy access.

  •        Amps/Horsepower: 15 amps
  •        Blade Size: 14 inches
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Best Metal Chop Saw:

DEWALT D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop SawThe DEWALT D28710 is the best metal cut-off saw on the market. The 15 amp/4.0 HP motor features the maximum horsepower motor in chop saws. Not only does it provide plenty of power, it also features overload protection, which improves the performance of the saw and helps extend the life of the saw. The D28710 is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable hand grip for users, thanks to its “D” shaped handle. The comfortable grip prevents hands from getting tired after extended use, which also leads to an increase in productivity. To help improve productivity the quick-lock vise provides fast clamping for a range of materials, plus the pivoting fence swivels to 45 degrees to provide accurate angle cuts.

  •        Amps/Horsepower: 15 amps
  •        Blade Size: 14 inches
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When looking for the best metal cutting chop saw there are certain things you want to look out for. You want to make sure you choose a saw that is powerful enough to cut through different gauges of metal, but you also want to make sure you can adjust the saw to accommodate the different gauges of metal. Other things to look for when picking out a chop saw are blade size, whether the table features a vice lock, and the ability to cut at different angles. Safety features are also important, such as a deflector and locking pin.

No matter what you determine to be the best chop saw for metal we want to thank you for taking the time to read our article on the Best Metal Chop Saw. In this article we have carefully reviewed what we determined to be the best in an attempt to provide you with enough information to help you make a final decision. Every one of our reviews includes useful information, including amps and blade size, as well as any other useful features of the saw.  If you like any of the chop saws featured in this article, please follow one of our links to Amazon, where you will find the metal chop saws for sale. This site is funded by the small commission that Amazon gives to us at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase so if you feel that we helped you please go through one of our links. We know that you probably need more than one saw so please take a look at our other best saw articles like the one on tile saws or band saws. Also, if you are trying to figure out what saw you need for a job take a look at our article on types of saws.


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