What Is The Best Concrete Saw Of 2017?


Contrary to what a salesman in a hardware store may tell you, there is absolutely no ‘best concrete saw. Well, there is, but the title does not just go to a single concrete saw. The best saw will be one which suits your needs down to a tee. That is why we have put together this guide. Here, you are going to learn what the best concrete saw is in variety of different categories, which will ensure that you are able to find the perfect saw for the task at hand.

As you can probably guess; a concrete saw is designed to cut concrete only. It is worth noting that a concrete saw is different to an angle grinder. Yes, an angle grinder can cut and grind stone, but it is not going to do it as effectively as a concrete saw would. With the right blade, and the right amount of ‘oomph’ behind it, a good concrete saw will be able to slice through concrete like it is butter. You wouldn’t get that with an angle grinder.

What should you be looking for in a concrete saw?

As mentioned previously, there is no real best concrete saw. What is right for you will depend on a variety of different factors. When you are searching for a concrete saw, you are going to want to keep the following in mind:

  • Portability: In the vast majority of cases, you should be absolutely fine with a good corded concrete saw, and if you can get away with a cord, then go down that route because corded saws pack a lot more of a punch than battery-powered concrete saws. If you do need to go down the route of portability, then you will have two options at your disposal. The first is the cheaper battery-powered concrete saw, and the second is gas powered. The latter has a bit more power behind it, and that means that it is far better for professional usage, although you will need to pay a bit more for the gas and the saw.
  • Manufacturer: You will want to opt for a decent manufacturer when purchasing a concrete saw, particularly in a professional environment. This way you know that you are going to be able to get hold of the spare parts that you need and you know that it is going to actually perform well.
  • Depth of cut: Think about how deep you will be cutting into the concrete or stone. This is not going to be a major concern for most people as concrete and stone tends to be fairly thin, but, do think about the type of materials that you will be cutting and ensure that you get a concrete saw to match.
  • Dry or wet cut: In an ideal world, you will want to go for a wet concrete saw. Blades tend to last a whole lot longer when wet. In addition to this, wet saws produce less dust, which is fantastic when working indoors. Of course, you are not always going to have access to a water source. In those cases, you will want to use a dry concrete saw. The major negative of this type of saw is that it is a very time consuming process to cut with one. This is because you are going to have to stop cutting every few seconds in order to give the concrete saw time to cool down which, of course, means that you will get less work done.
  • Chain or disc: Disc concrete saws are the most popular option when it comes to saws. They are easy to use and they are suitable for just about every situation. However, there may be times when you need an unlimited depth of cut on the saw or, perhaps, what you are cutting is slightly out of reach. In these situations, you are going to want to opt for a good chain concrete saw, although, they are a tad more difficult to use.

Types of Concrete Saw

There are a number of different types of concrete saw on the market and, as mentioned previously, when you are working out the best concrete saw for the task at hand, you need to think about which one is going to be right for the job and any job that you may perform in the future.

  • Power cutters: These are the most versatile of saws and the most common on the market at the moment. They tend to have large diamond discs which just slice through the concrete. They are very similar to a standard wood circular saw in design, although, the motor tends to be slightly bigger due to the amount of additional effort required to cut through masonry.
  • Chainsaws: As mentioned previously, chainsaw concrete saws are ideal for those who may have a bit more variety in terms of what they want to cut. With a standard power cutter, you will only be able to cut along a flat surface. This is fine for most cases. However, with a chainsaw, you will be able to cut from standing position, and you will be able to carry out far more ‘detailed’ work i.e. you will not be limited to cutting in just a straight line.
  • Walk behind concrete saws: These machines are beasts. They are very similar in looks to a lawnmower. These saws are designed, as the name suggests, to be pushed along the floor. They are ideal for covering large areas where the cutting line has to be kept straight. They are normally only used in professional environments, mainly due to their cost.
  • Multitool saws: These are not suitable for large cuts. These saws are only really for those who want to cut small, detail work. They are not going to cut through huge chunks of concrete, although, multitool saws can do so much more than just cut concrete, but we will cover that soon.

Best Concrete Saws of 2017:

Best Power Cutter (Professional):

Makita EK7301X1 14-Inch Power Cutter

Makita EK7301X1 14-Inch Power CutterWhen it comes to professional power cutters, there are very few manufacturers who even come close to the quality that Makita boasts. The Japanese company’s Makita EK7301X1 is not an exception to this rule.

This particularly power cutter comes equipped with a top quality Makita Diamond Blade. Providing you use the diamond blade wet, it is going to provide a decent amount of life. Even if you do not opt for the Makita EK7301X1, or even a Makita concrete saw for that matter, I still suggest that you purchase a Makita Diamond Blade as they have been proven, time and time again, to be some of the best blades on the market, no exception.

One of the highlights of this particular power cutter is the filtration system. The dust is taken through a five stage filtration system which, effectively, makes this one of the cleanest power cutters on the market at the moment. Yes, you will still need to use a respirator, but at least you are not going to have to worry about it clogging up over and over again.

The water kit included with the Makita EK7301X1 means that you are able to use a variety of different water sources to keep the blade wet, including something as simple as a garden hose.

  • Weight: 28.2 pounds
  • Blade size: 14”, provides a depth of cut of roughly 5”
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Best Power Cutter (Budget):

Hitachi CM4SB2 4-Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Circular Saw

Hitachi CM4SB2 4-Inch Dry-Cut Masonry Circular SawThe Hitachi CM4SB2 is not the cheapest concrete cutter on the market. However, it is never suggested that you go too cheap when it comes to concrete cutters due to the amount of power that the saw is going to take when you are cutting. You need something which is capable of doing the job. Regardless; at sub-$150 for this saw, it is still cheap enough for the casual DIY-user.

This is not strictly a power cutter. Instead, the Hitachi CM4SB2 is more of a circular saw, although, it has been designed with concrete cutting in mind, so do not use a wood or metal circular saw blade in this machine.

The Hitachi CM4SB2 has been designed to be used dry only. This means that it will produce a bit of dust. However, unlike other concrete saws at this price point, the saw has actually been sealed rather well. This means that you are not going to need to worry about dust getting inside of the important part of the machines and causing it to break on you.

The small size of the saw means that it is ideal for getting into smaller areas. You are not going to be able to cut through huge slabs of concrete with this particular saw, but, for most people that is not going to be that much of an issue. You are going to be making small cuts only, perhaps through a paving slab.

This particular power saw has been designed for professional use, but its small size, ease of use, and price point means that I am more than happy to recommend this as the best concrete saw for DIY users.

  • Weight: 6.20 pounds
  • Blade size: 4”
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Best Concrete Saw (Gas-Powered):

Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power Cutter

Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power CutterWe are back to Makita again with this one. If you are after a high-quality gas power cutter for use in a professional environment, you are not going to find much better than the Makita EK7651H.

It is worth noting that this is the first 4-stroke power cutter on the market. Others have 2-stroke engines but, despite being cheaper, they can suffer from a few problems. For example; many people have killed the motor on their 2-stroke power cutter because they got the incorrect oil mix with their gas. This is not an issue that you are going to have to face with the Makita EK7651H. There will be no mixing of oil and fuel on your part.

In addition to this, the 4-stroke engine boosts the lifespan of the engine. This is because carbon will build up in the cylinders less, and less exhaust will be pushed out. This also creates a cleaner saw. Although, obviously, due to the concrete saw being gas you are not going to want to be using it indoors. Just like the Makita EK7301X1, you are going to benefit from a five-stage filtration system.

To cap it all off; this is one of the quietest concrete power saws on the market at the moment, putting out just 92.7 dB during usage. Although, of course, you are still going to need to wear ear defenders.

  • Weight: 28.4 pounds
  • Blade size: 14”
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Best Concrete Saw (Walk-Behind):

MK Diamond 159346 CX-3

MK Diamond 159346 CX-3When you are searching for a walk-behind power saw, particularly when it comes to the best concrete saw, you need to know that the machine that you are using is easy to mmaneuver. Cheap walk-behind concrete power saws on the market tend to have wheels that stick, which can cause a problem when it comes to smooth operation. Thankfully, this is not an issue that you are going to need to worry about with the MK Diamond 159346.

This particular concrete power saw has been designed for lightweight and medium tasks. It may be able to cope with the bigger jobs, but it will certainly need a break every once in a while. The saw is incredibly lightweight and very easy to move along the floor, which makes cutting over long distances a breeze.

This saw has a built-in water system. During usage, the water supply system will deliver water to both sides of the blade which will keep it cool and in operation for a whole lot longer.

The blade can be mounted on either the left or the right of the blade, which is ideal for those who need a little bit of variety when it comes to cutting.

The 7HP gas-powered motor is more than enough to cut through the toughest of concrete.

  • Weight: 116 pounds
  • Blade size: 14”, providing a depth of cut of 5.5”
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Best Concrete Saw (Multitool):

Fein Multimaster TOP

Fein Multimaster TOPIn recent years, a number of multitools have been introduced to the market. You have budget items such as the Dremel (which I do not recommend for concrete cutting, although it can cut small pieces of concrete), and larger options such as the Fein Multimaster TOP. There are a variety of different units on the market similar to the TOP, often at a cheaper price point, but I can only recommend the original, which is this one.

As you can probably guess from the fact that it is a multitool, it can cut so much more than concrete. It can help you to remove grout, you can carve and cut wood, and you can even cut tiles. This makes it suitable for those who are after a versatile tool. In fact, this is something which absolutely every professional needs in their tool kit.

You are not going to be making big cuts with the Fein Multimaster TOP, just small, detailed cuts. If you are going to be cutting large expanses of concrete, you will want one of the other options on this list. The Fein Multimaster TOP has been designed for those who want small, plunge cutting actions. The 350 watt motor should be able to cut through most concrete. Check out our full review.

  • Weight: 10.9 pounds
  • Blade size: varies. You will purchase a variety of different attachments for this saw.
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Best Concrete Saw (Chainsaw):

Husqvarna K970 Concrete Chain Saw

Husqvarna K970 Concrete Chain SawIf you are after the best concrete saw which can get into those smaller spaces, you really do want to take a look at the Swedish-made Husqvarna K970 Chain Saw.

This unit packs a 6.4HP Engine, which boasts a 1.1 quart fuel capacity. This engine has been especially designed to offer the most amount of power, the highest amount of torque, and reduced carbon emissions. Basically; the Husqvarna K970 Chain Saw is a true delight to use. That is before you even throw in the fact that vibration and sound of this unit has been reduced to the absolute minimum.

One of the true highlights of a concrete chain saw is the fact that the depth of cut is far superior to that of any other concrete saw out there. The previous saws on this list had a depth of cut of 5.5” at the most. This one; up to 15-inches from one side. This makes the chain saw suitable for those who have slightly thicker material to cut.

The saw is also incredibly versatile, and the long-reaching bar makes the saw suitable for getting into tight openings and making holes. Basically, it can perform very much the same job that a core drill would be able to perform, albeit you will not be as accurate with the hole saw.

You are only able to use the Husqvarna Concrete Chain saw wet, which increases the length of time that the saw blade will last.

  • Weight: 28.3 pounds
  • Blade size: You can make cuts of up to 15-inches in depth
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Power cutters and concrete saws are serious business, there are not many budget saws that we feel that we can recommend since saws of this type need to have lots of power and be very sturdy. As you can see earlier in our article that there are a few different options for concrete saws depending on the type of job that you have. We hope that this article was helpful in helping you determine both the type of and which specific saw that you need for your job.

As always we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our “What Is The Best Concrete Saw?” article. Our goal with this article is to provide you with enough information on concrete saws and power cutters to help you make a decision as to what is the best concrete saw for your needs. If you decide to that you like any of the concrete saws featured in this article, please follow one of our links to Amazon, where you will find the concrete saw for sale. This site is funded by the small commission that we get from Amazon at no extra cost to you when things are purchased after going through our site. We know that you probably need more than one saw so please take a look at our other best saw articles like the one on tile saws or band saws. Also, if you are trying to figure out what saw you need for a job take a look at our article on types of saws.

Thank you.

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